Android 12 Users Still Cannot Access Chromecast Volume Controls Through Their Smartphones

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Google’s Pixel phones finally received the stable version of Android 12 last month. Besides that, the upgrade includes a slew of new functionality as well as a redesigned user interface. Unfortunately, Google has still not enabled volume controls for Chromecast media sessions on Android 12 devices.

Google deleted the feature with Android 12 Beta 3 in August, according to developers on the IssueTracker thread. The cast controls were initially thought of as an error. However, a Googler later clarified that the company “deliberately did not revealed” the feature. Anyways, the feature will likely make a comeback with Android 12 Beta 5, according to Googler.

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Chromecast volume controls do appear in the audio section

What’s more, the volume controls for Chromecast sessions do appear in the audio settings, on Android 12. But they are greyed off. The feature was removed from Android 12 because of a legal issue; according to a later post on the IssueTracker forum from a Googler. While it hasn’t been proven; the problem could be related to Google’s patent dispute with Sonos. Google is now working on a fix for the problem, which should be available in Android 12L.

In Spring 2022, Google is likely to deliver the Android 12L upgrade for its finest Android phones. Pixel users will have to control the volume by tapping on the Chromecast notification till then. You may adjust the volume using your phone’s volume controls or the volume slider. It appears on the screen once you press on the notification.

It’s unclear whether the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will also get the update. As Google recently revealed that a final update for the two phones is in the works. The Pixel 3 series might receive the upgrade sometime in the first quarter of 2022. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are currently not on the list of smartphones that can participate in the Android 12L beta program.

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