Android 13 Beta Update Features Useful Battery Stats

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When Android 13 launches later this year, Google is introducing changes to the battery metrics page that should make it much more useful. According to new information found in the most recent Android 13 beta version, Google may be going back to the battery data view’s pre-Android 12 default state, according to 9to5Google. Early this month, Google began distributing the Android 13 QPR1 Beta 2 update to Pixel owners.

With Android 12 last year, Google had previously updated the battery data monitoring. It wasn’t a pleasant change because it switched from displaying how the battery level has changed since the last full charge to energy usage for the previous 24 hours.

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Because users preferred to look at their battery data based on when they last charged their device rather than the 24 hours of usage, which can omit vital battery usage details, many customers appear to find the modification not to be helpful.

Google realized its fault and reverted the change to pre-Android 12 in the Android 13 QPR1 Beta 2 update.

As we continue using Google’s newest Pixel 7 devices, this is really helpful. Having a better understanding of battery life will be very helpful for long-term testing of current and future devices, even though the beta doesn’t appear to be available for these phones just yet.

Android 13 beta update summary

  • The outdated battery statistics feature that many of us appreciated is back in the new Android 13 version.
  • Users of the beta version can now view their battery’s last charge’s statistics.
  • Before Android 12, users could only view their battery statistics for the preceding 24 hours.

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