Android 13 Might Allow Cross-Device Services

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It wasn’t long ago that Google announced cross-device capabilities. It will allow users to access their phone’s chat apps directly from their Chromebooks or PCs. What’s special about this feature is it will work even if the phone wasn’t close by or the apps weren’t loaded on the Chrome OS device. What’s more, it appears as if this capability can be used at other places too; at least that is what Google is trying to achieve with Android 13.

According to 9to5Google, Android 13’s first developer beta one feature allow users to stream apps to their Chromebook or Windows PC. It uses a unique web app that will enable the feature on both devices.

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Android 13 has the potential to improve phone-to-PC interaction and make streaming better

Moreover, the new ability is different from other cross-device services, which simply mirror your phone’s screen. It works by broadcasting a separate virtual display from your Pixel device to your laptop or desktop computer. It means that you can use other apps on your phone’s main screen while streaming another app on your computer screen or your Chromebook.

It’s worth noting that the feature is available for all apps on your phone. In other words, it is not limited to just messaging apps.

Nevertheless, there is one minor drawback at the present. It hasn’t been long since Android 13 DP 1 was released. We suspect that the feature may change once the stable version is released and available on all Android phones. Nonetheless, this discovery appears to be intriguing, and we are eager to learn more.

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