Android TV 13 Gives An Efficiency Boost to Your Smart TVs

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As Google prepares to announce its new OS for smart TVs; the company might introduce a few major modifications to Android TV 13. For instance, Android 13 will contain a new “low-power standby mode” specifically for Android TVs, according to XDA Developers. As per recent reports, this feature will disable wake-locks and, when enabled, will prevent apps from accessing the network. This is a useful feature. Moving forward, apps won’t need to produce extra wake-locks or access the internet while the smart TV is in standby mode or turned off completely.
This new function will also reduce bandwidth usage and energy consumption on smart TVs. Because the constraints will be momentarily relaxed during doze windows; Google will ensure that the apps do not fully break in this mode. Android 13 will also improve the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, in addition to the low-power standby mode.

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PiP mode is already supported in Android TV; and users can check it out with a default aspect ratio of 1.777778:1, which is ideal for presenting 16:9 video. Developers, on the other hand, can make PiP windows with an aspect ratio of less than 1:2.39 or more than 2.39:1, depending on their preferences.
According to the source, Google will improve this feature in Android TV 13. Developers will be able to make PiP windows that are smaller or larger than the specified aspect ratio thanks to the new capability. Furthermore, a new Activity mechanism in Android 13 suggests that the PiP box will be able to dock alongside the main activity, making “both windows evident to the user.”

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