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Android 13 beta
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Android 13 has now entered Beta, taking it one step closer to its planned release later this year. While there is still work to be done; advancing to beta indicates Google has locked in a large number of features that will appear in Android 13’s final version. So, let’s take a look at what it’s like to use the most recent version of Android and decide whether you should jump straight in.

Make sure to read the article below for a complete list of all the new features.

Android 13 beta feels similar to Android 12

Android 13 in beta version appears to be nearly identical to Android 12. Large amounts of space are given to the fast settings icons, white space in the settings menu, home screen icons, and Google’s colorful widgets in Google’s Material You theme. The wallpaper color mapping function is the same as previously, but Android 13 selects a wider selection of complementary colors to theme your phone around. There are now sixteen Android 12 variations to choose from, up from four previously. As with Android 12, the Themed Icon option is still an experimental feature. Surprisingly, it still doesn’t apply the theme to all third-party applications.

As a result, the customizing possibilities are slightly more potent but hardly game-changing. If you are not a fan of Material You so far; you will be disappointed by Google’s sustained investment in this particular interface style.

The UI of the beta has received a few small cosmetic updates from Google. The power and settings buttons have been relocated to the bottom right corner, below the fast settings menu. However, their close proximity makes it all too easy to push the power button instead of the settings symbol. In the notification shade, the time isn’t totally left-aligned either. Rather than true improvements, these appear as changes for the sake of change.

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Most of the changes are behind the scenes

You’ll also notice a few changes to the settings menu if you have the patience to go through them all. For example, display size and text settings are now combined; with a new preview page that demonstrates how changes affect the UI in real-time. Do Not Disturb has dropped the Priority Mode designation and reverted to its old identity. Although this is undoubtedly for the best, the pointlessness of such a move shows that there are a few thumbs at Android HQ looking for something to modify.

However, it’s difficult to see any significant differences in how the Android 13 beta works on a day-to-day basis. You may now edit and share both text and images copied using a new, more sophisticated clipboard overlay. It’s located in the same bottom-left location as Google’s screenshot tool, with an edit button. In the screenshots below, you can see it in action. It’s not much, but it’s a nice small quality of life element that most people will find useful at least once.

Android 13 beta is more about privacy and security

If you will go through Google’s blog post about the new Android 13 beta; you will find that Google has focused mainly on building on the “core themes of privacy and security.”

Android 13 users will find a lot more popups asking for various users’ permission ranging from displaying notifications to others. It is obviously a good step that will reduce the number of spam notifications for users. That said, popups themselves are a bit of a nuisance.

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