Final Android 13 Beta Is Here Before The Launch in Next Weeks

Android 13 beta
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Google has made available the fourth and final public beta of Android 13. Users can now test out the impending upgrade before it is made available to the general public. However, the beta is more significant since it gives programmers a sneak preview of upcoming changes so they can prepare their applications.

The formal release of Android 13 is reportedly “just a few weeks away,” according to Google’s announcement article. For comparison, Android 11 debuted in September 2020, while Android 12 arrived in October.

The most recent version doesn’t bring about many significant improvements (Google already achieved platform stability with the previous beta), but more fine-tuning should result in a more stable experience.

Support for the new Bluetooth LE Audio standard, additional choices for customizing app icons, a new photo picker to restrict which images an app may access, and a new permission to reduce unneeded notifications are all features that have already been seen in earlier beta versions of Android 13. The tablet optimizations added to Android 12L, an incremental update with improvements for large-screen devices, are also included in Android 13.

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Comparatively speaking, Android 13 brings fewer UI enhancements than the Android 12 upgrade from the previous year, but that might be a good thing. Google’s mobile operating system, Android 12, saw a big update that redesigned much of the UI and feature set. However, it had a rough launch with issues reported on devices from many different manufacturers. There were several features that many users didn’t notice in the Android 12 OS. Here is a list of few.

List of Android 12 features that you might have missed

The features include:

  • Game Mode Dashboard
  • Audio-coupled haptic effect
  • One-Handed Mode
  • Material You
  • Easter Eggs Galore!
  • 24 Hour Notification History
  • 2×2 App Button Layout
  • New Media Encoding Support
  • Improved Privacy Settings
  • Scrollable Screenshots
  • Google Android 12 demo Quick Tap
  • New Widgets
  • Face-Detection Rotation

We should have a much smoother transition because Android 13 doesn’t have any substantial overhauls.

Visit Google’s developer site for instructions on how to install the most recent beta. The company refers to as a “release candidate” for Pixel devices, if you’re interested in giving it a try. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a Google or one of its partner’s compatible device.

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