Google Assistant Driving Mode Finally Gets Its Home Screen Makeover

Google Assistant Driving Mode
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Google Android Auto Assistant Driving Mode will finally be getting its long-delayed home screen UI. It has been two years since the introduction of the screen UI.

Google introduced the Google Assistant Driving Mode interface in 2019, since then the company has not rolled it out for users. However, that has changed now as the interface has now started showing for some users. The new interface is triggered with the words “Hey Google, launch Driving Mode” or “Let’s drive.” And the new interface is different from what was rolled out in the US in 2020.

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When not in use, the apps display a search bar near the top of the screen. The search bars offer destination suggestions and other locations when tapped. These include your recently traveled places, voice entry, and a Google Maps shortcut. Below this, there is another card that displays suggestions for YouTube Music, podcast services, and new streams. You can play all of these with a single tap. Further down are the two voice command buttons to access message composer and phone dialer.

Moreover, the Google Assistant icon is at the left bottom corner and the app drawer is located on the right side. During travel, the home screen will show you a map card with an ETA at the top.

Furthermore, the new home screen now allows access to the Assistant Driving Mode which was earlier not there in the previous UI.

How to use the interface?

You need to install the latest beta version of the Google app to try the new interface.

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