Google Bringing Back Permissions List After Facing Heat 

Google removed nine malicious apps from PlayStore
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Google might reverse its decision to hide the app permissions list on product listings in the Play Store

According to a tweet from Android Developers, the company was forced to reverse its decision courtesy of public outcry. Now, it will reinstate the permissions list. Here is what the tweet says “ privacy and transparency are core values in the Android community” and so they want to uphold that. Once again, users can match the Data Safety section to Google’s permissions list and thereby find out if developers are providing the right details about the data they collect. 

The tweet further adds that Google will soon bring the app permissions section back. 

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People’s reaction to the removal of the permissions list 

Google some time ago rolled out the Data Safety feature. After which, developers were required to reveal what data they will be collecting. On top of that, they also had to reveal if they are sharing the data with third parties. It felt the perfect thing to enhance user privacy until Google decided to remove the permissions list. 

With a permissions list available and a Data Safety feature, users could match the developer’s claim. However, with the list gone, they couldn’t verify developer assertions. It created a mess instead of creating a transparent environment for data collection. 

When Google decided to discontinue the permissions list, people’s outcry was somewhat expected. We live in a world where data is everything. Developers need user data to enhance the user experience. However, users are fearful if they have any control over their private information. We have seen a fair share of data breaches in 2022. One such attack was the Cash App breach in April. 

After seeing all this, Google called out for better security across the tech industry. However, the company itself has to decide between simplifying its systems or adding security layers. In fact, sometimes to make things easier, Google loses sight of its original goals. 

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