Google Offers Insights To Android 12 New Internet Panel

Android 12
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Android 12 carried several design changes, particularly in the Quick Settings menu. However, the new Internet Panel, which merges and replaces the independent Wi-Fi and Data toggles, hasn’t been well received by users. Google appears to have taken notice of the criticisms. As the company has taken no step to modify the justification.

Google described its thought process behind the new Internet Panel in a community post on Monday. The issue is that users can no longer toggle data or Wi-Fi on or off with the tap of a button. Instead, the Internet tile opens a new menu where users can examine their mobile data and Wi-Fi connections. From there only, they can toggle them on or off from there. Overall, users need to perform an extra step to the process.

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Why the new Android 12 Internet Panel?

Google did reveal it has made changes to make it straightforward for users to use mobile data. The company further adds that it should remove the pain point for users. However, the company did accept that it took some time for users to get used to the new process. But in the end, they found it to be a more intuitive option.

It is worth noting that the new Internet Panel can’t be accessed from the lock screen right now. However, Google says the capability will be added in a future quarterly Pixel Feature Drop.

While we didn’t get a Pixel Feature Drop last month owing to the upcoming release of Android 12; we should get one in December, with these and other new features arriving on the Pixel 6.

It appears as if Google has given it considerable thought before implementing the change. However, for users who desire one-touch access to these settings, this may not be enough.

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