Google To Discontinue Call Recording Apps

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According to reports, Google is cracking down on third-party call recording apps for Android phones. Third-party app developers will no longer be able to offer the call recording capability as of May 11. Google recently updated its Play Store Policy; one of the modifications was to remove call recording apps from Android smartphones. Apps on the Play Store are no longer allowed to use the Accessibility API for call recording due to the new policy. What this means for Android users with smartphones.

This means that starting May 11, Android users who have a smartphone without a built-in call recorder will be unable to record calls. The new policy modifications, initially noticed by Reddit user NLL Apps, only apply to third-party call recording apps. The native call recording feature will continue to function normally.

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New Google Play Policy Doesn’t Apply to Native Android Apps

So, if a user’s smartphone includes a call recording feature, he or she can continue to utilize it. This implies they can keep recording calls without using third-party software. Because they come pre-installed on the phone and are not subject to Play Store regulations; system or native/default apps can request any permission. Almost all Android smartphone suppliers, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus, and Google itself, support native call recording. For several years, Google has been working to prevent call recording on Android smartphones. On Android 6, it disabled real-time call recording, and on Android 10, it restricted call recording via the microphone.

In reality, if a call was being recorded; Google’s Android 11 Beta warned the recipient with a beep, but this feature did not make it into the final version. Because of Google’s action, call recording apps had to change their methods and began recording calls through the Accessibility Service on Android 10 and subsequent versions.

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