Google To Hide Outdated Apps from Play Store For Security Reasons

Google removed nine malicious apps from PlayStore
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Even if it contains millions of apps, Android users would not consider the Google Play Store to be a great example of a mobile marketplace. Many of these apps are clear clones of popular games; while others appear to only provide rudimentary functionality in order to get an app onto the store. Of course, a large proportion of potentially harmful apps (PHAs) get through the cracks of Google’s AI-powered protection system. There are some applications that have a good collection of features and are completely safe. However, their developers have abandoned them for whatever reason. Now, Google will hide these outdated apps from PlayStore.

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Google considers outdated apps as security risks

Google appears to view these outdated apps as potential security threats. So, the tech giant will hide them from view. Fortunately, there’s no need to fear just yet, especially if developers move quickly before Google shuts down these app. Every new Android release raises the API level; it is a numerical representation of the state of the Android platform at the time of the release. By default, new API levels add new features and solve bugs, but they may also remove previously available functionalities from time to time. Developers should aim for a minimum API level that improves with each release, according to Google. Any program that does not comply with that standard is obsolete.

Beginning November 1, 2022, Google will implement a policy that prevents an outdated app from being identified through search and installed by new users who have previously installed the product. The guideline identifies obsolete apps as those that target an API level within the last two years of the latest major Android release.

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