New Flubot Malware Tricks People Into Downloading a Virus

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Makers of FluBot have launched a new campaign that employs phony Android security update notifications to deceive potential victims into downloading a virus.

The message on the malware’s new installation page is essentially a bait designed to generate a sense of urgency that lures users into installing FluBot on their phones, according to a new blog post by New Zealand’s computer emergency response team Cert NZ.

The new FluBot installation page, which users are directed to after receiving fake messages about pending or missed package deliveries, or even stolen photos posted online. And informs them that their devices have been infected with FluBot, Android spyware that steals financial login and password data. They can, however, uninstall FluBot from their Android smartphone by applying a new security update.

The page goes even farther, advising consumers to allow programs from unknown sources to be installed on their smartphones. By doing so, the hackers’ false security updates are placed on the user’s device. While the user may believe they’ve taken steps to protect themselves against FluBot, they’ve actually installed the malware themselves.

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Earlier the malware was installed with the help of contacts. 

FluBot was previously disseminated to Android cellphones using spam text messages. It was done with the help of contacts acquired from devices already infected with the malware. These messages would advise potential victims to download software in the form of APKs. That too from attacker-controlled servers and install them on their devices.

After installing FluBot on a user’s smartphone, the virus frequently tries to dupe victims into providing it extra permissions, such as access to the Android Accessibility service, which allows it to run in the background and perform other dangerous operations.

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