One of Android 13’s Feature Could Be The End of SIM Cards

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SIM cards are the lifeblood of our mobile, internet-connected lifestyles. Users can utilize these tiny modules to make calls, send messages, and connect to a variety of internet services. They’re so important to phones that manufacturers must find a way to jam them in, no matter how tight the space is. As a result, the form factor of SIM cards has shrunk from full to mini to micro to nano. Some phones now contain integrated SIMs (eSIMs) that can be used in place of standard cards. Unfortunately, there are a few issues with eSIMs that may prevent them from totally taking over. However, it appears that Google has some remedies in Android 13.

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Google might be able to solve the biggest issue associated with eSIM chips

The main issue here is figuring out how to provide dual-SIM functionality with eSIM chips that only work with one subscriber line at a time. According to Esper’s Mishaal Rahman, Google’s approach employs something called multiple enabled profiles (MEP); it allows many active SIM profiles on one eSIM. In simple words, a single eSIM will be able to connect to two distinct carriers at the same time.

The fact that everything happens on a software level is what makes Google’s MEP method so intriguing. While keeping just one genuine physical connection between the components; many logical interfaces function as independent communication routes between a SIM profile and the phone’s modem. Google is adding API classes to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) that will allow carrier apps to receive information about the logical and physical interfaces as well as the SIM profiles stored on them.

While eSIMs can currently store and switch between several profiles on a single chip, only one profile can be active at a time. To put it another way, the only way to acquire dual SIM compatibility with current solutions is to buy a device that has multiple eSIMs, multiple physical SIM cards, or both an eSIM and a physical SIM card.

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