Soon, Google Discover will make it easy to detect when your stocks are falling in value.

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Without having to hunt for it, Google Discover makes it easy to get essential information at a glance. Even if it isn’t for everyone, it is still a fantastic way to find new content and stay up with current events. However, it is ineffective when it comes to keeping track of your stocks. Fortunately, the app is now in beta testing a new feature that will display stock alerts and scores at the top of the screen.

According to XDA Developers, some Google Discover users have begun to notice a banner over ordinary cards. The scrollable banner contains useful information such as weather, stock alerts, and sports scores. When you scroll to the right, you’ll notice a “+” button that lets you choose which cards you wish to view.

If you don’t care about sports or stocks, you may limit the banner to simply show the weather forecast. That will then be expanded to span the whole screen width and display other information such as humidity.

Without needing to browse to the Snapshot page, any information you choose will now appear immediately on your Discover screen. More significantly, Pixel owners will be able to get vital data right from their launcher without having to open the Google app.

This new UI isn’t widely accessible yet, but it might be part of Google’s revamped Discover UI for Android 12. We haven’t seen it on our devices, which might indicate that it’s still under development and won’t be widely available very soon. In any event, it’s encouraging to see Google striving to improve its Discover screen, allowing consumers to quickly access more relevant information. We’ll let you know when it becomes worldwide if it does.

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