Update Now To Fix A Bug That Prevents Android Users With Microsoft Teams From Dialing 911.

Microsoft Teams dialing 911

A glitch in the current version of the Microsoft Team app prohibited a small number of Android users from dialing 911 if they had Microsoft Teams installed but were not logged in.

After an examination, Google verified the flaw on Friday, saying it had been able to duplicate the situation “under a restricted set of conditions.” The problem was created by an unintentional interaction between the Microsoft Teams software and the Android operating system, according to the firm. Google and Microsoft both stated that the problem had been prioritized and that an update to Teams will be released to solve it.

Google’s Announcement:

Google, on the other hand, announced that an upgrade to Android will be released on January 4th. Although the firm stated that it was only aware of one user who had been affected by the flaw. It nonetheless advised customers who had Teams installed on any device running Android 10 or above to update the app as soon as possible. (Prior to Microsoft’s upgrade, Google advised users to uninstall and reinstall Teams to address the issue.)

A Reddit member using a Pixel 3 running Android 11 was the first to report the glitch. They had to call 911 in late November, believing their grandma was having a stroke, and they needed an ambulance. Even though a call seemed to be ringing in the background, the user’s phone froze after one ring, according to the user. While the user said that the Pixel notified them that their position had been forwarded to emergency services. But they were unable to talk with an operator because of the Microsoft Teams’ bug.


Microsoft has released a new version with version number 1416/ of Microsoft Team with the app-based fix on 12th Dec 2021 on the play store.

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