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Apple iPhone 15 ‘3LD3’ Chip Could Impact Power Transmission

Source: Apple

Apple’s iPhone 15 has dominated tech news in recent times, particularly due to the potential inclusion of a custom-made ‘3LD3’ chip.

Insights leaked by Majin Bu suggest this chip could either protect iPhones against data compromise or impact third-party charging accessory speeds.

3LD3 Chip: Enhanced Security or Limited Charging Speeds?

The implications of the ‘3LD3’ chip are two-fold.

Firstly, it could fortify the security of iPhone 15 models, safeguarding them from data breaches that are common with wired charging. The chip would serve as a line of defence against malware attacks via public charging stations, limiting any unwarranted data transfer.

On the flip side, this chip could potentially limit the charging speeds of third-party accessories. This is where the controversy begins.

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Compliance with EU Regulations

The European Union has mandated smartphone manufacturers to include USB-C charging ports on all new phones sold in EU countries from 2024 end.

An attempt by Apple to meet this directive is evident in the iPhone 15 models. However, the intention behind the EU’s regulation is to ensure equal charging speeds and charger compatibility across all manufacturers.

If Apple’s ‘3LD3’ chip restricts the performance of third-party charging accessories, it could be perceived as a deliberate undermining of the EU’s directive.

Apple might also implement MFi (‘Made for idevices’) certification on its USB-C accessories, giving them an edge over third-party manufacturers.

With speculations of Apple infringing upon the level playing field of charger compatibility, the EU has warned Apple against such moves.

EU Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton stated that non-compliance with the new charging policy could cost Apple its market in member countries.

The Impact on Apple Users

In the light of these developments, iPhone 15 users might still use third-party USB-C chargers. However, due to the alleged ‘3LD3’ chip, these chargers might not be as efficient as Apple’s proprietary chargers.

For Apple aficionados, this might seem appealing, but considering Apple no longer includes chargers with iPhone purchases, it might require customers to spend extra on the company’s charging accessories for optimal performance.

The introduction of ‘3LD3’ chip in the iPhone 15 could either be a significant step towards enhanced data safety or a controversial move limiting third-party charger performance.

As we await further updates from Apple, the tech world holds its breath.


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