Apple Reveals Motorcycle Vibrations can degrade iPhone camera performance

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A new post is published on Apple‘s support forum. It states that testing the iPhone to high-amplitude vibrations, “specifically the one generated using high-powered motorcycle engines” can harm the devices’ camera system. As per the company, one should also not mount an iPhone on the bike. As it can cause the vibrations to pass through the bike’s handlebars and also with chassis.

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Apple explained the affect of motorcycle vibrations in the following way

If your camera is unstable while clicking a picture,  then you might end up with a blurry image. To put a stop to it, Some models of the iPhone have the optical image stabilization (OIS) feature.

OIS ensures sharp pictures even if your camera is accidentally unstable. Gyroscope, embedded in OIS sense that camera moved. And in order to prevent the image motion or blur image, the lens moves as per the angle of the gyroscope.

Some of the iPhone models come with closed-loop autofocus (AF) feature:

Closed-loop AF repels the effects of vibrations to ensure sharp focus in still pictures videos or panoramas. With the help of closed-loop AF, the onboard magnetic sensors estimate gravity and vibration effects and regulate the position of lens position. So that the compensating motion can be further set more accurately

All the iPhones launched since iPhone 6s Plus features both optical image stabilization and closed-loop autofocus. Not only this, both the features are at risk of magnetic intrusion from some iPhone accessories. Removing those accessories can prevent this issue.

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