Apple Self Service Program Will Allow You to Repair iPhones and Macs At Home

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Apple has now made do-it-yourself repairs a lot easier. The company is establishing a Self Service Service program that will allow users to repair gadgets using genuine Apple parts and tools at their own convenience. The option will be accessible in the United States in early 2022. It will initially provide resources to repair an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, with M1-based Macs becoming eligible shortly after.

The battery, camera, and display will be the focus of the initial “phase” of Self Service Repair, with other parts becoming eligible later. Customers will be asked to read a repair manual before ordering parts from a Self Service Repair Online Store. The business didn’t indicate how much the components would cost. But it did state that consumers who returned used parts for recycling would receive a credit.

Apple, predictably, emphasized that the program was designed for people with prior experience repairing equipment. The “great majority” of customers are still better served by professionals, whether at Apple stores or through authorized centers.

The corporation did not specify what motivated the decision to allow self-service. It could be due to government pressure. Right-to-repair legislation supported by the White House, the Federal Trade Commission, and a number of states might require Apple and others to allow customer maintenance. It eliminates some of the most common issues by allowing any skilled person to repair a device without the use of unauthorized parts.

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Lingering questions around Apple Self Service Program

There are still some unanswered questions. Will the cost of parts be low enough to allow self-service repair a feasible alternative to hiring a professional? Will Apple change the way its products are designed to make these fixes easier? While there are hints of potential changes, such as a more lenient attitude on iPhone 13 display replacements and easy-to-remove MacBook Pro batteries, we don’t expect straightforward solutions anytime soon.

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