Apple to Finally Add USB-C Port to iPhones

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Last week, we reported that Apple might add a USB-C port in iPhones, in place of a Lighting port. This is something that was expected from the company for some time now. What’s more, we have more news on the matter, now.

Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted that Apple might ditch the Lightning port for USB-C. Now, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that Apple is testing iPhones with USB-C ports. If we go into details about the port, it is a faster oval-shaped version of USB. Plus, USB-C is an integral part of every device other than Apple.

However, it is important to note that Apple will make the switch earliest by 2023, according to Gurman. This prediction is in line with what Ming-Chi Kuo predicted last week. Moreover, European Union has recently reached a decision on standardizing USB-C for all smartphones. Now, Apple has no choice but to comply with European Union’s decision. Otherwise, it will have to stop selling iPhones in EU countries.

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USB-C in Apple iPhones will bring several advantages

There are several benefits of using a USB-C port for iPhone users. Earlier, people owning iPhones will need a special kind of charger, which is not that common among other smartphone manufacturers. However, that will change after Apple will include a USB-C port for iPhones; users can charge their iPhones with the same charger which is common among other phone brands, laptops, video game controllers, and more. Plus, USB-C is faster than the Lighting port when it comes to data transfers.

However, the decision will render Lighting cables useless. According to Gurman’s report, Apple has an adapter underworking to alleviate this problem. Anyways, it is likely that customers will just buy a USB-C charger instead.

Furthermore, this is the most consumer-friendly move Apple has taken for years now, no matter how many short-term issues it might create. In the long term, it will prove a win-win situation for iPhone users. First, iPhone users will no longer need an iPhone-specific charger. The most significant advantage will be quicker charging and data transfer speeds. It will also result in Apple losing control over the accessories market, which in turn will reduce the cost price of these accessories.

Additionally, we have seen reports that Apple is also working on a portless iPhone. The report from Gurman suggests that Apple has already worked on several iPhones without any charging port, in recent years. That said, the report doesn’t reveal details about if the portless iPhone will arrive in the market anytime soon.

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