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Apple CarPlay
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Apple has been working on its own vehicle project for years, but late last year, the electric, self-driving Apple Car rumor resurfaced. Since then, a rush of publications has surfaced revealing Apple’s rekindled interest in building its own car. According to reports, Hyundai and Kia were named as potential partners, but the speculations allegedly ruined the plan. While it’s unknown when the Apple Car would be available for purchase. Plus, we also don’t know if Apple will deal with a traditional carmaker or go it alone; the company is working on another big car-related project. With a beefed-up CarPlay infotainment system that would have far more power than the current version; Apple aims to give iPhone users considerably more control over vehicles from other firms.

What’s more, CarPlay-enabled vehicles allow iPhone users to access a variety of apps while driving. Users can get directions, manage calls and texts, and control music playing using CarPlay. Years ago, Apple revealed the functionality to allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road while still using important smartphone apps.

Moreover, if Bloomberg’s report is correct, Apple has bigger plans for CarPlay. Future CarPlay versions from Apple may tap directly into the vehicle’s operating system, allowing iPhone users to have more control over the vehicle.

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CarPlay can do the following things in the future

Apple’s IronHeart initiative, according to reports, wants to turn CarPlay into the brains of the vehicle. It’d be similar to Apple’s Home app, which allows you to operate smart home devices from third-party manufacturers directly from your iPhone.

CarPlay’s more sophisticated version would have access to practically everything the car’s sensors can access. It could read the temperature and humidity inside and outside the vehicle, as well as data from the speedometer, tachometer, and other indicators.

You may also control speaker volume, temperature zones, fans, defroster systems, seats, and armrests with CarPlay.

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