Apple’s DIY iPhone Repair Parts Cost Almost Same As that of its Repair Prices

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Customers may now purchase replacement iPhone parts directly from Apple, allowing them to fix their devices without having to pay a professional. However, if you were hoping to save money by doing your own repairs, you may be disappointed. Even when you’re the one gingerly pulling your phone apart to change out a broken part, Apple’s pricing for some of the most frequent replacement parts is quite similar to what it’ll charge you to conduct the repairs at an Apple Store. Only when you take into account the credit you’ll get for turning in a replaced part will you see considerable savings.

Take, for example, battery replacement. The Battery & Screw Kit for iPhone 12 or 13 models costs $69; whereas the same kit for the third-generation iPhone SE costs $49. However, an out-of-warranty battery replacement on Apple’s website costs the same: $69 for the iPhone 12 or 13 and $49 for the iPhone SE. According to Apple’s news release, these parts will be sold at the “same price” as those charged to its network of repair partners.

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You can save some money if you do the following

There is one important thing to note here; if you’re prepared to ship back the part you’ve replaced, Apple’s DIY alternative offers more substantial savings.

According to Apple’s repair site, an old iPhone 12 or 13 battery will get you a $24.15 discount; while a returned display would get you a $33.60 discount. These reductions are especially beneficial for battery repairs; as sending in a replaced part can save you more than a third of the cost of the repair kit. According to Apple’s press announcement, the parts handed in by users will be recycled; while iFixit cautions that they may be refurbished for reuse.

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