Car thieves are tracking and stealing costly automobiles using Apple AirTags, so iPhone owners should be aware of a warning signal.

Apple AirTags

Car thieves in Canada are misusing Apple AirTags. They are apparently using it to track the location of pricey automobiles in the hopes of stealing them later. Apple iPhone owners should be aware of notifications that can help stop the crooks’ very straightforward technique.

Apple’s small AirTags have proven to be quite handy for normal iPhone users in locating and retrieving missing keychains or other such common things to which they may be connected. Unfortunately, auto thieves in Canada are increasingly using these tiny locatable devices to target particularly costly cars. The York Regional Police, which is located near Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario, has issued a press statement outlining and warning about the method used by these auto thieves.

(The tow hitch connector looks to be a common place for auto thieves to conceal an AirTag, which they use to monitor and steal costly trucks or cars)

How Thieves Use Apple AirTags to Track Cars:

These crooks begin their search in public areas such as parking lots for pricey autos. They supposedly hide the locatable AirTag in concealed places like the tow hitch connector if they come upon an expensive automobile worth stealing. The criminals may use the AirTag to trace the vehicle to its nighttime parking spot. Then they take it using tools and technological equipment that allows them to start it without a key. Apple’s anti-stalking feature is supposed to prevent this by alerting iPhone owners if an unfamiliar AirTag remains in their close vicinity for an extended period of time.

However, not every automobile owner owns an iPhone. And even if they do, some victims allegedly did not get or simply ignored the warning signal because they were ignorant of the danger. The York Regional Police have recorded at least five incidents of stolen cars in which the perpetrators appear to have used Apple AirTags, but the actual number of such crimes involving Apple’s trackable gadgets is likely to be much higher, which is why iPhone users should be cautious if the appropriate notification appears on their smartphone.

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