Face ID on iPhone 13 Won’t Work With Any Unauthorized Center’s Display Replacement

iPhone 13 Face ID won't work untill u replace with geniune Apple's centre

Apple makes it more difficult for iPhone 13 users to repair their devices by disabling the Face ID. If you want to change your display with any non-genuine parts then the Face ID will stop working.

But the painful part is, even if you replace the original iPhone 13 screen with a new authentic panel, the Face ID won’t work. So, you have to go to the Apple authorized center to replace your display.

Maybe Apple is trying to prevent the use of unauthorized parts other than Apple’s own parts in their devices.

On the other hand, Users will have to face a lot more painful situations while repairing the device with unauthorized parts as the third-party repair service will take away the Face ID option from the device.

Face ID won’t work until you replace display in authorize Apple’s centre:

Youtuber Phone Repair Guru posted a video where he shows that third-party repair of the iPhone 13 display will show an error message of unauthentic part, and the face ID will stop working.

In simpler words, if you change your display on your own or by any other third-party services and later when you will try to set up your Face ID, it will show a message that ‘Face ID is not available.

But this is not the end, even if you get the original Apple display, it will create the same problem. The only solution is to take your iPhone 13 to an official Apple authorized center.

It seems like Apple’s iPhone 13 would be scanned by some type of machine in order to register its serial number while replacing the display. And this can only help you to change the screen without disabling the Face ID feature.

But after all of these hoops, the users will face the main problem where they have to pay more for the whole process and above all, they have to wait longer if the original parts aren’t available.

So, it’s clear the company doesn’t want to let the other third-party parts into their devices.

However, the Face ID is not even a part of the display. And it shouldn’t be that much hard for non-Apple third-party repair services. If somehow user damages their display they will have a very limited option which will make them suffer.

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