If you do third-party iPhone 13 screen repairs, Apple will no longer disable Face ID.

iPhone 13 display

If you accidentally shattered the iPhone 13 display and tried to replace it yourself, Apple would disable Face ID, much to the chagrin of users and third-party repair technicians. Even if it was a legitimate display, you couldn’t use face recognition to get into the gadget anymore. Fortunately, things are looking up, as Apple has announced that it will no longer lock off the function.

A software update will be required to keep Face ID from being disabled on the iPhone 13.

New software update to fix the issue:

According to The Verge, Apple will soon issue a software update. This update will remove the requirement for you or third-party repair shops to transmit the microcontroller required to keep Face ID operating following a screen replacement. Apple has not indicated why it is abandoning its long-standing policy of restricting third-party repairs. But it might be related to the widespread criticism the company has received from the media, Right to Repair supporters, and perhaps enraged consumers.

After all, getting your iPhone 13 display changed by a third-party seller is a fraction of the cost of going to an Apple shop. So, the backlash around this contentious move may have prompted Apple to take a backseat. Previously, When you tried to replace the iPhone 13’s display and turned it on, you got an error message that said, ‘Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone.’

Repair shops without access to Apple’s pairing equipment may transfer the microcontroller from the original display to the replacement part. But it would be a lengthy procedure requiring soldering, a microscope, and steady hands. Skilled iPhone repair experts might have simply completed the work, but it was just one more unneeded step that complicated everything.

Apple has not indicated when they will release the software update to prevent the face ID disable function. But we will keep our fingers crossed and keep our readers updated.

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