iPadOS 15 To Allow Up TO 12GB Of RAM on High-End iPad Pro

iPadOS 15
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Earlier this year, we came across reports suggesting that Apple will soon allow developers to allocate more RAM to their apps, beginning with iPadOS 15. It should allow apps to use more of the available memory in the iPad to run faster and smoother.

Apple is offering developers the ability to let iPadOS know that some functions in their apps may perform better if they are given more system memory. As of now, Apple limits the amount of memory an app can use. The same is done in order to protect a single app from using all of a device’s memory. Obviously, it can impact other core system functions.

So far, we don’t have much information regarding specific details about this development. For instance, we don’t exactly know how much RAM an app can request. That said, we know that M1 iPad Pro launching on September 20, will allow apps to use double the amount of RAM that was previously allowed.

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More details 

Artstudio Pro developers shared the new details about the development. According to them, apps can use up to 12GB of RAM in the M1 iPad Pro, which is equipped with 16GB of RAM. Whereas, the M1 iPad Pro model that packs 8GB of RAM, can request up to 6GB of memory. 

For both the models, if an app needs some additional memory, iPadOS will allocate a 2GB buffer for the app, on top of the 4GB available for 16GB iPad Pro models. Whereas the OS will reserve 2GB in the other models. 

Moreover, the iPadOS 15 will also bring the ability to place widgets anywhere on the Home Screen. Besides that, it will also bring an improved multitasking experience, Live Text, and more.

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