‘Jelly Scrolling’ on the iPad Mini 6 is normal for LCD screens, according to Apple.

'Jelly Scrolling' on the iPad Mini 6

Owners of the iPad mini 6 have been complaining about a “jelly scrolling” issue that affects some iPad mini models while in portrait mode. And Apple has now confirmed that the behavior is typical for an LCD screen.

Because of a mismatch in refresh rates, “jelly scrolling” refers to screen tearing. So, the text or pictures on one side of the screen seems slanted downwards. It can make one side of the screen appear to respond quicker than the other. That causes a visual disruption that’s difficult to ignore once you’ve noticed it.

What is ‘Jelly Scrolling’:

The jelly scroll is standard behavior for an LCD, according to Apple. Because the screen has to refresh lines one by one. There may be a slight delay between when the lines at the top and bottom of the screen are refreshed. It results in uneven scrolling.

The jelly scrolling effect is far more prominent on the iPad mini 6 than on other iPads with LCD screens. Such as the iPad Air or even the ninth-generation iPad introduced at the same time. As several MacRumors readers have pointed out.

Unfortunately, because Apple refers to the issue as “normal behavior,” customers who are not happy with the jelly scrolling effect are unlikely to receive a new device from the company.

If you’re having trouble getting beyond the jelly scrolling on your iPad mini 6, make sure to return it. Or receive a replacement within 14 days of purchase during the regular return period. Because not all iPad mini devices appear affected to the same degree, it may be feasible to find one with a shorter scrolling delay.

Even while Apple maintains that this is typical behavior, a software update that may release in the future may solve the issue.

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