macOS Monterey Leaving Older Macs Bricked

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macOS Monterey is bricking older Mac machines, rendering them inoperable and unable to turn on. A number of users have reported the same on social media as well as other online forums.

If this seems strangely familiar, it’s because identical claims appeared last year when macOS Big Sur was released. Similar problems appear to be occurring again less than a year later.

Apple Support Communities have individuals stating that their Mac turned completely black; they couldn’t turn it on while attempting to update to macOS Monterey. One thread, in particular, has a number of comments from users who are having similar problems. There are also a lot of reports on Twitter.

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What is the solution?

Users may need to revive or restore their Mac’s firmware, according to one suggestion on Apple Support Communities. “A Mac may become unresponsive in very unusual circumstances; such as a power breakdown during a macOS update or upgrade, and the firmware must be resurrected or restored,” Apple states in a support article.

The problem appears to be affecting older MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac models, according to all user reports. Recent computers, such as Apple’s silicon-based Macs, do not appear to have difficulties; at least according to the lack of user reports.

While the problem with macOS Monterey bricking Mac devices is not as common as it was with macOS Big Sur last year; enough users have reported issues with the update to warrant alarm. It’s probable that additional users will come forward after reading this post to discuss their experiences with macOS Monterey causing problems on their Macs.

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