Microsoft Was Ready to Bring Xbox-Exclusive Games to iPhones

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Microsoft was trying hard to persuade Apple to approve the cloud gaming service on the iOS platform. According to emails obtained by The Verge, Microsoft was eager to comply with several of Apple’s demands on the system’s operation. These include bringing Xbox-exclusive games to the Apple platform.

Microsoft informed Apple that it will bring triple-A Xbox exclusive games on the iPhone via the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform. What’s more, iPhone users may have been able to play high-end Xbox games on their mobile devices; if this agreement had been struck.

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However, things are not that rosy with Xbox-exclusive games?

Instead of delivering games in an overall Cloud Gaming app; Apple wanted Microsoft to submit each game to the App Store separately. That way Apple store reviewers could review every game. Microsoft initially expressed doubts about doing so due to the increased workload and terrible customer experience it would bring. However, in March 2020, the company agreed that it could submit each app individually while also providing a catalog app that linked to them.

Xbox games on iPhone, according to Microsoft’s president of business development Lori Wright, would be an “extremely exciting prospect for iOS customers.”

Despite the close agreement, Microsoft and Apple’s negotiations fell through. Xbox Cloud Gaming was launched as a web-based platform that was not bound by the App Store’s restrictions.

According to The Verge, Microsoft wanted a single streaming tech app to support all of its gaming apps, whereas Apple wanted each game to have its own entire streaming stack.

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