Report Suggest iPad Air 5 Users Facing Several Build-quality Related Issues

iPad Air 5
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Apple just revealed the iPad Air in its latest incarnation. It is the model’s sixth iteration, and it debuted with updated specifications over prior iterations. However, it appears that the outward build quality has deteriorated while interior components have improved. As a result, customers of the new iPad Air 5 have expressed dissatisfaction with the thinner metal casing, which creates creaking and a hollow sense in the hand. Furthermore, the consumers stated that applying light pressure to the display causes it to bend. These issues were shared on Reddit (via MacRumors), with numerous Apple consumers contributing to the growing list of major problems, many of which are linked to build quality.

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“I ordered and received two blue iPad Air 5 2022 today and I’m a little astonished,” the forum adds. The aluminum backplate is noticeably thinner than that of my iPad 4. When you grasp the device, you can nearly feel the battery through the plate. When you hold both iPads in your hands, they feel the same and make cracking noises. On the iPad Air 4, this did not happen.” On this forum, a number of other members agreed and even related their own similar experiences.

Apart from Reddit users, there have been no concerns about build quality as of yet. This point has yet to be specifically mentioned by reviewers.
However, based on the large number of people who have commented on the post, it appears that this is a real problem. The Cupertino-based behemoth has yet to issue an official statement on the subject, so stay tuned for further information.

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