Android Auto Retiring Support For Older Android Phones With Forced Update

Android Auto Split-screen Mode Is Coming Soon

Through a forced upgrade, Google is gradually decreasing the number of devices that support Android Auto. Android Auto has made its name in the market. As a result, it is frequently considered a must-have feature by tech-savvy car purchasers. In fact, many customers will turn down an excellent vehicle if it does not offer both Apple CarPlay and Auto.

While that demand for future improvements is quite reasonable, Google seems to be going above and beyond.

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Users are being asked to update their Android Auto version before using it

Some Android Auto users have noticed that older versions of the Auto app open a pop-up message informing them that an update is necessary in order to continue using the app. Versions 7.0 through 7.7 of the app seem to be affected by this. It seems reasonable to believe that this modification is being made in part to get the app ready for “Coolwalk,”. It is slated to arrive at some point quite soon and will involve a big overhaul.

We think that these users are referring to the pop-up listed below. According to the users, the pop-up won’t go away unless you restrict the platform from launching and update the software.

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Android Auto 7.4 was the last version to be compatible with pre-Oreo releases. Hence, owners of older Android phones running Android 6.0 and Android 7.0 are unable to utilise Android Auto. It appears that forcing Waze users into a defective release is another side effect. Some users of Waze for Auto have been experiencing a blank screen for several months. Android Auto 7.7 was the most recent version to not experience this issue. Users are forced to use newer app versions that seem to be the source of this issue due to the apparent forced update.


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