DuckDuckGo Is Developing a Privacy-focused Desktop Browser

DuckDuckGo desktop browser
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DuckDuckGo is developing a desktop browser that will focus on avoiding tracking across your whole browsing experience. Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo’s CEO gives a sneak peek at the future browser in a post on the company’s blog. From the blog, it is clear that the desktop application will behave similarly to the company’s mobile browsing app.

According to Weinberg, the desktop browser will come with “strong privacy protection” by default. In other words, you won’t have to enable any hidden security options for top-notch results. The desktop version will have the same “Fire” button as the mobile app. This button will delete all of your browsing history, stored data, and tabs in one click. It’s also based on “OS-provided rendering engines”, just like the mobile application, according to Weinberg. It should offer users a cleaner UI with less clutter than traditional browsers. What’s more, the early testing of the browser shows that it is “much faster” than Google Chrome.

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Official statement

“Both Mac OS X and Windows now include website rendering APIs (WebView/WebView2) that may be used by any application to render a website. “That’s what we utilized to construct our desktop software,” Allison Johnson, DuckDuckGo’s senior communications manager, stated to The Verge in a statement.

“Instead, we’re designing the desktop software from the ground up using the rendering APIs supplied by the OS.” This means that anything other than website rendering must be built by us.” To put it another way, the browser will use Edge / Chromium rendering, on Windows. On the other hand, macOS, Safari / Webkit will be used. Johnson further clarified that this isn’t the same as forking, which implies that the browser is based on an existing one.

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