DuckDuckGo now prevents Android apps from spying on your data.


If you’re wary of applications on your Android device persistently following every step you make even after you’ve opted out, there’s some good news for you. Privacy experts of DuckDuckGo introduced a new feature on Thursday aimed at thwarting unwanted trackers and third-party players that may come packed with the programs customers download.

This new “App Tracking Protection for Android” functionality is now available in beta as part of the company’s only privacy-focused mobile browser. If the moniker seems familiar, it’s because Apple introduced a similar feature called “App Tracking Transparency,” or ATT, on its iOS devices in April.

Affect on Facebook and Google:

Since the introduction of App Tracking Transparency, we’ve seen a large number of iPhone users refuse to allow applications to follow their activities for ad-targeting purposes. Meanwhile, firms like Facebook and Google, whose vast profits rely heavily on monitoring, have lost billions of dollars since the feature was introduced.

Google’s closest offer to Android users so far came in June. Then the firm revealed that Android 12 customers will be able to opt-out of tailored adverts on their smartphones beginning at the end of this year. Even before it is released, several critics have already pointed out that Google’s version of the feature falls well short of the amount of safety that Apple provides its customers, which is why DuckDuckGo is stepping up to the plate. But, based on the company’s blog article, it appears to be rather simple to use.

Real-time feed checking of all the trackers:

You may sign up for the waitlist in the app’s settings. And once authorized, you can toggle the function on or off. When operating in the background, the functionality effectively functions as a firewall between any app on your Android smartphone. And it also watches unscrupulous third parties that may be attempting to steal data from them. There’s also an option to watch a real-time feed of all the trackers. Also, we can watch their attempt (and failing) to ping these applications for your personal information.

It’s important to note, though, this tool isn’t a panacea for your privacy problems. DuckDuckGo can only protect your device from trackers that are on the DuckDuckGo database. The business announced that DuckDuckGo is “constantly trying to detect and defend against additional trackers” that aren’t yet on the database. As Wired pointed out, the functionality doesn’t protect every app. Trackers will still follow you between mobile games and browsers, for example. However, if you’re fed up with Google’s inconsistencies in safeguarding users’ privacy and want to fight back, downloading this application is a smart place to start.

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