Edit Tweet Feature Finally Coming To Twitter Starting Sept 21

Twitter Added New Content Warning On Individual Tweets Feature

Twitter is finally rolling out its much-awaited Edit Tweet feature. However, it will charge the users for the same. Specifically, Twitter’s Blue customers can use this feature for $4.99 per month, starting September 21. It is clear from the name that the Edit feature will allow users to alter their tweets after posting. What’s more, to make it clear to the other users that a particular tweet has been edited. It will show various fields, including an icon, a timestamp, and a label. 

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There will be a label reflecting Tweet’s edit history

The label will tell other users the tweet’s edit history. It will also include an older version of the Tweet. According to Casey Newton, the functionality will soon make it to other users as well. 

According to reports, Twitter will start a public test on Wednesday, September 21, for the new feature. It is good news for the users as users have been waiting for this feature for years. Finally, they can fix typos and poor language. 

Moreover, the company will conduct a short internal test before rolling it out to a wider audience. What’s more, the company has already told users to use the new feature to fix things like typos and more. The company also shared the reasoning for testing the new feature on a smaller audience. It revealed that the company wants to know how people can misuse this feature. 

Lastly, the test will only be available to residents of one country at the onset. Plus, it will continue expanding the feature to a wide audience. This way, it will also learn audience behavior towards the new Edit tweet feature. The company also says “We’ll also be closely observing how the functionality affects how users read, compose, and interact with Tweets”.

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