Gmail Update will soon include voice and video calls

Gmail calling

With the new Gmail update, users will soon be able to call friends and co-workers directly from the Gmail interface.

The Gmail mobile app will now include direct calling via the company’s Google Meet video conference feature. The company is making this hybrid for bringing more convenience to the employees.

With the new ‘Google Meet calling’ feature in the Gmail app, a user no longer needs to open google meet for a quick meeting. It will provide the services like other existing VoIP apps.

Highlights of Gmail Video Calls

The news came as part of a massive Google Workspace expansion. Google is saying they want to make the meetings a more regular occurrence.

Now as a user, you can open your Gmail app anywhere like on android or iOS, and connect quickly with your colleagues from mobile or PC.

Google claims the new meet calling feature will provide a seamless experience. It will maintain spontaneous connections via initiating video or audio calls flawlessly. 

Furthermore, the upcoming feature will not be restricted to Gmail. Google claims that its enhanced call features would be available across all natural Workspace endpoints, including chats, contact cards, and spaces.

The new “companion mode” for Google meet will be available from the stating of November 2021. The update allows users to join meetings effortlessly from their personal devices.

Apart from this Gmail update, Google has also announced Google meet will soon include live translated captions. It will be available in English to French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other languages.

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