Google Calendar Showing Random Events? Here is How You Can Fix

Google Calendar showing random events
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Google Calendar is among the most useful Android apps. It includes some very clever features, like the ability to make event entries based on emails that arrive in your inbox. While this might be very useful for someone who has a lot of appointments. On the other hand, it appears that some users have been having problems with this option recently. From emails that don’t require calendar entries, it appears that Google Calendar is generating events at random. It’s unclear how many people are currently impacted, but fortunately, a solution is available. Even though there is a means to prevent it from happening, there is no clear reason why this is happening.

Here is how you can prevent your Google Calendar from showing random events

Go to the Google Calendar settings from the Google Calendar app. Open the app and tap the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and scroll down to settings. From Gmail, select Events. Turn off the display of events from Gmail.

Open the Google Calendar website and click the settings gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen to disable this option. Scroll down to Events from Gmail by tapping Settings. To uncheck the option that says, “Show events automatically produced by Gmail in my calendar,” click on the button.

There is presently no ETA on when the issue will be rectified, but google fix it in due course.

Disabling Google Calendar’s ability to create events based on your incoming email is a temporary fix if you are unable to handle the unwanted events that keep appearing. Toggle off the Show events from the Gmail option by going to the Settings menu, selecting the Events from the Gmail tab, and then selecting this option. This may not be the best solution for everyone, but for the time being it is the only option.

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