Google Maps Getting Ability To Show Traffic Signals and Stop Signs

Google is finally adding details about traffic signals and stop signs. As a result, the importance of Google Maps has just increased. It was already a must-have tool on your phone, but the addition of this new feature has just made it even more important to have this tool on your device.

There is nothing more annoying than hitting a road that includes lots of traffic signals. This gets worse when you have to stop at every signal. Now, you can know that information beforehand thanks to Google Map’s new feature. This is not something unheard of Apple has included this feature in the Maps app back in iOS 13.

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Now, what if you took a road that is full of tolls and you are not familiar with this tool; it is not something that you want even with FastTags installed on your cars. These tolls can be annoying for the users, particularly on a busy day. Plus, you won’t have an idea how much these tolls will cost you. Google is trying to solve this problem as well; the Maps application will not start showing estimated toll prices. It can now pull information directly from the toll governing body that controls a particular toll.

Moreover, Maps will also suggest users routes to avoid these tools. In any case, the new feature will tell you an estimate of the total cost before you hit the road. Notably, the new feature will first release for smartphones in the US, Indonesia, India, and Japan to start, with more regions on the way.

Google Maps on Apple is also getting much-awaited improvements

Lastly, Apple users are also getting some improvements. Specifically, Google is adding new pinned trip widgets, direct Apple Watch navigation, and Siri shortcut support for better voice controls. It will bring the Google Maps experience up to par with Apple’s built-in app.

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