Google Maps Will Soon Start Showing Eco-Friendly Route

Google Maps in dark mode

Google stated last year that Maps would provide eco-friendly route. These routes will be such that they match the shortest route there, may use less fuel, and emit a little less CO2. According to a recent Google Maps app breakdown; it may be further adjusted to consider the type of vehicle you drive. Since different vehicles are more efficient in different ways, your route might be modified to take advantage of your vehicle’s advantages.

However, not every vehicle exhibits the same behaviors or uses the same techniques to maximize fuel efficiency. Although gas-powered automobiles are still far too prevalent. But there are an increasing number of hybrids, electric vehicles, and quite a few diesel-powered vehicles.

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Here is how the new eco-friendly route feature works

Google Maps’ most recent beta update, version 11.39, has provisions for letting you define the kind of engine you’re currently using. Google Maps will “tailor” your route based on this choice. It includes gas, diesel, electric, and hybrid options, to determine what will “save you the most gasoline or energy.”

Given the company’s environmental awareness and the success they may have thus far had with automatically choosing the energy-efficient route, the shift makes a lot of sense for Google Maps. Drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles will probably still have to wait a few more weeks to experience the changes Google Maps will make. Because the feature is only now starting to show in beta testing.

This is subject to change as Google works on it, and it might not even appear at all, as is customary with a feature that has been identified in development. If it succeeds, it won’t simply be some greenwashing on Google Maps, though. Without doing any extra work, you might be able to prolong the interval between fill-ups a little bit more.

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