Google Messages New Features Are Now Official 

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Google Messages has steadily improved over the years to become a reliable text messaging service for Android users. Its feature set continues to expand, with the most recent update including iMessage replies, Google Photos video sharing, and more. Now, Google is bringing some more new features to its Google Messages.

Here’s a rundown of all the new features coming to Google Messages on your phone:

  • Reactions to iMessage: Apparently, this started rolling out in January; but Google has confirmed that Messages now allows you to view emoji-like reactions from iPhone users. You can see how these look in this post. However, the idea is that instead of odd text message reactions; they’ll now appear as emoji in your chats, making you feel a little more connected to the conversation.
  • Video sharing with Google Photos: Because Google Messages is still relying on SMS and MMS communication, uploading videos and photographs might be difficult due to file compression and quality degradation. Google found out a method to include Google Photos into the media sharing experience. So now you may opt to share a video using Google Photos instead of old-school SMS. You’ll be able to effortlessly provide a link to a high-quality version of the video this way. 
  •  Messages inbox organization: Google is now allowing you to arrange your Messages inbox with Personal and Business tabs. As well as bringing functionality to the United States that allows Messages to automatically erase 1-time password messages after 24 hours.
  •  Message nudging: If you’re lousy at checking your messages or responding to people, Messages can now nudge you to follow up, similar to how Gmail’s nudging works.
  • Birthday reminder: Google messages can remind you of people’s birthdays if you have saved their birthdays along with their contact info.

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