Google Nearby Share Can Now Go Toe to Toe Against AirDrop

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Despite being a handy tool, Nearby Share has not proven to be the AirDrop contender that many of us had hoped for in the Android and Google environment. The big G hasn’t given up on the feature, and it was enhanced last year with group sharing support to make it even more helpful. Now, Google is about to release another useful feature for Nearby Share; this time to make file sharing between your own devices even easier. The feature, dubbed Self Share, was initially discovered during testing in early January. The feature is there in the newest version of Google Play Services, albeit it has not yet been rolled out.

Details about the new Nearby Share feature

The planned Nearby Share feature, discovered by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman, would allow you to transfer files between devices enrolled into the same Google account without needing to approve the transfer first. For this, a new Your Devices section will be added to the Device Visibility option in Nearby Share. When exchanging files between devices that share the same Apple ID, this is exactly how AirDrop works in Apple’s ecosystem. To complete the transfer process, no extra confirmation is required.

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Even when sharing files between two devices enrolled into the same Google account; you must first approve the share on the recipient device before the file transfer may begin. Because of this extra step, the entire file sharing process isn’t fully frictionless. You may use Nearby Share to share apps installed on your phone with other Android devices in addition to files and photographs.

Because the feature has already been discovered in the most recent version of Google Play Services, it’s possible that Google is about to make an official announcement and begin rolling out Self Share sooner rather than later. It’s probable that the firm will make an official announcement at Google I/O 2022.

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