Google Rolled Out a Fix For Reaction Emojis on iOS

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Google started working on a possible fix for the issue that has been a headache for several users. Specifically, the issue is related to groups where there is a mix of Android as well as iOS users. In such a group, what happens is whenever an iOS user sends reaction emojis, a text line is displayed in place of an actual emoji. It might sound not that big of an annoyance in the beginning, but it becomes a serious issue with time. Anyways, Google is very close to resolving the issue, we might see the rollout of a possible fix soon.

In fact, Google might have already started releasing full support for iPhone emoji reactions to Google Messages beta users, according to 9to5Google. If you are one of the beta users, you can use the reaction emojis already. In other words, you will no longer see the line describing the emoji, but you will see the actual emoji on the bottom right corner of the text message.

What’s more, the website further adds that Google has made some changes in iOS when compared to Android. For instance, you will find a smiling face with heart eyes in place of a heart in iOS. Plus, there is no Haha; it is replaced with a face with tears of joy, the exclamation mark is the face with open mouth, and the question market has become a thinking face, now. One thing the company hasn’t tweaked with is the thumbs and thumbs down.

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How to deactivate the reaction emojis?

Furthermore, you won’t have to enable the feature; it will be automatically enabled once it arrives on your device. However, there is an option to disable it; in case you want to. To perform the same, you need to stick to the following step.

  • Open Google Messages
  • Go to Settings > Advanced
  • Tap the toggle next to “Show iPhone reactions as emoji.”

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