Google Upgrades Google Meet Adds New Backgrounds While Raising Participant Limit To 500

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The video backdrops in Google Meet are a great way to replace your messy surroundings. You can add pre-made photos or add a blur effect to video chats before or during a meeting. What’s more, Google has now upgraded this feature with a new version that gives the impression that you are actually in the background of your choice.

With the advent of immersive backdrops on the web, the videoconferencing service’s visual backgrounds are now more consistent with the weather in your region. You can choose from a variety of dynamic backgrounds, such as cafe and condo interiors. You can also apply different iterations to your chosen background, such as snowy or wet weather and a day or night scenario.

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Moreover, Google Meet now features new light and color filters alongside stylistic backgrounds to make your video feed look more natural. Previously, the true lighting in your room could be seen independent of the backdrop you picked. Thanks to the latest update, the lighting in your video stream will now be more indicative of your chosen setting.

You can utilize the Effects panel to add these new backdrops and filters before and after the call. It is currently only available on Meet’s web version, with no indication of when it will arrive on Android devices. Given that Google brought video backgrounds to many of the best Android phones in September; the immersive backdrops are just a matter of time before they find their way to mobile.

Google has increased the participant limit to 500

The new backgrounds and styles follow the introduction of a new size limit for Meet attendees. Customers who use Google Workspace can now host meetings with up to 500 people. The increased restriction is automatically implemented to all meetings, requiring no action from admins or end-users.

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