Google Voice Will Show You a New Label In Case of Spam Calls

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Google has recently revealed it is adding a new “suspected spam caller” functionality to Google Voice. The new feature will warn users about a potential spam call if it doesn’t think the call is genuine. In an official post, Google announced that the new feature will use the same AI system that is used by the traditional phone app for Android.  

What’s more, for the first time, if Google Voice identifies a potential spam call and displays the spam label, it will ask the user to confirm if the call is actually a spam call. If they confirm the spam, the future calls will be directly sent straight to the voicemails. On the other hand, if the user clarifies it is not spam, no labels will appear for the call in the future. 

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Google Voice already could filter calls for years 

It is worth mentioning that Google Voice already could filter calls identified as spam to voicemail. Plus, it also allowed users to screen calls before picking them up. However, those options were not that great for users receiving a lot of important calls from unknown numbers. 

Google also says that if users want to turn off automatic spam labeling, they will have the option to turn off the Spam filter feature from Settings. They can do it by navigating to Settings > Security > Filter spam. 

It is nice to know that Google is offering users more options to the users to deal with spam calls. However, the company offers even more features on Pixel devices. For instance, Google Assistant can screen calls while letting users decide the response, on Pixel devices. Anyways, it seems unreal that Google will add such a flagship feature to a service that people use for free.  

Lastly, Google will release spam warning options to everyone with a Google Voice account. It could take up to 2 weeks to reach everyone, according to the tech firm.  

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