iCloud Users On Windows Are Seeing Photos and Videos From Other People

iCloud Users On Windows Are Seeing Photos and Videos From Other People

You are not alone if you use iCloud on Windows. You can discover stuff like images and video clips that are not yours. This week, a lot of Apple consumers have expressed concern over this odd and perplexing problem where video clips from random people are appearing in their iCloud library.

We are unsure of whether Apple or Microsoft should take responsibility for fixing this issue. It appears to be specific to iCloud on Windows. Concerned users have mentioned how certain imported recordings from the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro models had scan lines and blackened videos, indicating that the content may have been compromised.

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The videos imported from these iPhone models either have a sync issue while the content is uploading to iCloud. Or there is a bug in the cloud platform.

Even worse, several other users claim that they are finding unfamiliar images and even videos in their libraries. Though nothing has been established, it’s possible that these images or videos came from other people’s iCloud libraries.

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Here is what an affected user has to say:

Videos shot on an iPhone 14 Pro Max are being corrupted by iCloud for Windows, turning them into black videos with scan lines. Rarely, it will incorporate still images into movies from unidentified sources, maybe other people’s iCloud accounts. I’ve seen pictures of families I’ve never seen before, soccer matches, and other random pictures. This is obviously quite alarming and makes me feel less secure about using iCloud.

The recently released iCloud Photos integration in Windows 11 does not appear to be affected by these issues, only the specialised iCloud for Windows program.

There is currently no clear information about more specifics of these issues. The transfer of specific file types between the iPhone and Windows’ iCloud renderer appears to be the problem. It seems clear that Apple’s server rather than Microsoft’s looks to be the source of the issue.

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