Instagram has begun utilizing video selfies to verify users’ identities.

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For social media networks like Instagram, fake profiles and spam accounts have long been a problem. Instagram is now forcing users to shoot a video selfie to authenticate their identity in a new bid so that Instagram can reduce spam accounts on its site.

Instagram has begun utilizing video selfies to authenticate user identification, according to social media analyst Matt Navara. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook (now Meta), says that any video selfies you post will never be viewable on the platform. Instagram will erase it after 30 days. It also claims it will not gather biometric information or use facial recognition technology. In brief, Instagram will invite new users to take a short selfie video clip, which will be used by the company’s AI systems to verify that they are actual people.

Video Selfie Verification Only for New Users:

For the time being, it appears like Instagram is just demanding video selfie verification for newly formed accounts. So, existing users aren’t receiving a request to verify their identity.

Instagram has been working on video selfie verification for quite some time now. This security check was initially implemented in August of last year, but it was swiftly taken back due to technical concerns. However, it appears that Instagram has overcome those concerns since the functionality is now generally available.

Tinder and Bumble, for example, have long utilized a picture verification method that asks users to take multiple photographs from various angles to confirm their identities. On the other hand, Instagram’s video selfie verification appears to be more strong, at least on paper and will be difficult for scammers to impersonate.

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