Latest YouTube Music Enhancements Might Help It Go Toe to Toe Against Spotify and Apple Music

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After the disastrous transfer from Play Music to YouTube Music; you might not believe it, but Google is actively updating its new music streaming service with new features and enhancements. The organization explains that it has implemented numerous modifications in recent months; many of which we have already covered, but with a few more nice surprises.

The most noticeable improvement is probably one you can’t exactly pinpoint. However, you may have noticed it when listening to the radio. According to Google, the artist variety in song and playlist radios has improved, providing you a wider range of tracks from different artists whenever you press the radio button. The team has noticed an increase in likes and newly found songs as a result of this modification.

Another new feature is the ability to save a queue as a playlist, which you may have already noticed. This is already widely available on iOS, but it is only now making its way to the Android app.

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There are a few adjustments that are specifically made for smart TV and smartwatch users. On TVs, you may have noticed that duplicates in the “Listen again” area, where YouTube used to display the same songs with slightly different interfaces, are no longer there.

You can now shuffle play all of the music you’ve downloaded on your smartwatch. You could only shuffle playlists before, but albums always played in sequence.

Then there’s a quality-of-life element that’s made the jump from smartphone to web. It’s now available for Premium customers of YouTube Music to smoothly switch between video and audio versions of songs.


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