Microsoft Edge To Get Built-in VPN from Cloudflare

New Microsoft Edge Upate

Microsoft is experimenting with a VPN-like service for its Edge browser; it will offer a new layer of protection and privacy to browsing. Cloudflare’s “Microsoft Edge Secure Network” function enables data encryption and avoids internet tracking, according to a recently uncovered support page on Microsoft’s website.

The Microsoft Edge Secure Network functionality appears to be similar in nature to Cloudflare’s service; albeit it isn’t available yet even if you have the latest Dev channel build. This is a proxy or VPN service that encrypts your surfing data to keep it private from prying eyes, such as your ISP. It also hides your location, allowing you to access geo-restricted websites and content that is restricted in your jurisdiction.

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You have to sign in to your Microsoft account to use the new feature

Because the browser keeps track of how much data you’ve used in this mode; Microsoft Edge’s Secure Network mode will require you to be signed in to your Microsoft account. Each month, you get 1GB of free data related to your Microsoft account. Because most VPN services aren’t free, this shouldn’t be surprising. Cloudflare does not store any personally identifiable information about its users; and any data associated with browser sessions are destroyed every 25 hours. At the end of each monthly period, information about your data usage is likewise removed.

The support page goes into great detail on the service, including how to enable it, implying that it will be accessible soon. Users running the Dev or Canary versions of the browser will most likely be the first to get it, followed by Beta and stable channel users. Secure Network mode will be accessible via the three-dot menu in the top-right corner once it is available.

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