MSI Afterburner Developers Not Paid For Almost an Year

Fake MSI Afterburner
Image Credit: MSI

Everyone from gamers to experienced overclockers swears by MSI Afterburner. It is undoubtedly the most well-liked graphics card overclocking tool. It is employed by all manufacturers of graphics cards and aids in GPU tuning for both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. Plus, it is worth mentioning that the developer of Afterburner hasn’t received any compensation for his contribution in developing the product.  

Russian-born Alexey Nicolaychuk, also known as Unwinder on tech forums, is the creator of MSI Afterburner. MSI ceased paying Unwinder in early 2022 due to “political concerns” after Russia invaded Ukraine.

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Throughout 2022, Unwinder had been independently supporting Afterburner out of self-interest in the hopes that MSI would find a way to pay him. It’s interesting to note that through 2022, MSI PC hardware was still offered for sale in Russia. Even if the developer continued to work on Afterburner during 2022, his payments have not been settled. Unwinder finally made the decision to give up and stop working on the app.

MSI Afterburner discontinuation will impact millions of users

Millions of game streamers that depend on Afterburner may be impacted if it is discontinued. Unwinder stated that the Afterburner overlay’s backend component, RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS), will still be supported.

The field of graphics card overclocking would be in danger overall if Afterburner were to be discontinued. It’s questionable why MSI chose not to pay Unwinder. Numerous civilian financial routes to Russia are still active. Additionally, there are neutral nations like India that allow for the direct settlement of Russian Rubles without the use of US Dollars or SWIFT.

Without a doubt, Unwinder and Afterburner are two priceless gems. We hope MSI can resolve this issue, pay Unwinder’s arrears for 2022, and provide funding for Afterburner’s ongoing development.

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