New privacy features for WhatsApp: Block screenshots, leave groups “quietly,” and more

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WhatsApp is making a modest flurry of privacy-conscious updates to the app that may change the way you use the app. These new features allow you to block screenshots for specific messages as well as hide your “Online” status indication. Plus, the new features also includes ability to leave WhatsApp groups quietly without alerting other members.

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Determine who can view you when you’re “Online”

WhatsApp will roll out an “online presence control” feature that will allow users to use the service privately without being seen as being online. Starting this month, WhatsApp users will be able to choose which contacts can see their online status while keeping it private thanks to a new feature.

There is no upper limit to the number of contacts on the list who can see your online status, and you can add and remove people at any moment. The company claims that both it’s desktop and mobile app products will receive the update.

Blocking screenshots for “View Once” messaging

As per this feature, once a sender chooses to block screenshots on the ‘View Once’ message, the receiver will soon no longer be able to take screenshots. The feature is a wonderful addition to the “View Once” feature. The latter allows users to transfer pictures or videos without leaving a digital trace of them. As you might have predicted, sending a “View Once” message defeats its purpose when screenshots of such messages are taken. 

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WhatsApp confirmed that they will roll out the feature very soon for its users. However, the time and date are yet to be confirmed. The feature is currently in the testing process. Hopefully, we will see these updates very soon after all the bugs will be rectified.

Leaving WhatsApp groups silently

Whatsapp announces that it will enable its user to leave the WhatsApp groups silently without notifying any of the group members except admins. This update will help the users move groups more easily and make it less awkward for them to do so.

This change will be updated for both desktop and mobile.

As per WhatsApp Head of Product Ami Vora, WhatsApp new features will help in boosting the app’s “interlocking layers of protection,” which aim to bolster its status as a prominent encrypted messaging option.

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