Now It is Straightforward To Make Firefox As Your Default Browser

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Mozilla in a new development has made it relatively straightforward for the users to switch to Firefox on Windows recently. Microsoft does offer a mechanism to switch default browser on Windows 10 already. However, that method is relatively difficult than a simple one-click process to switch to Edge. As of now, this one-click switching is not available for the other browsers, but that is about to change.

Mozilla recently released version 91 of Firefox. In that, the company managed to reverse engineer the one-click set functionality of Windows 10. And now, it has enabled the same in Firefox to quickly make itself a default browser. Before that, Firefox users will have to go to Settings on Windows 10; then they have to select Firefox as default browser.

The recent development by Mozilla means that users can now make Firefox the default browser from within the browser. And the browser will do all the work itself in the background.

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Mozilla sent an open letter to Microsoft in 2015

Mozilla has clearly grown tired of asking Microsoft to make it simple to change default browsers. The company has been trying to get Microsoft’s attention towards improving its default browsers settings. In fact, it even sent an open letter to Microsoft in 2015. However, Microsoft has not done anything. As a matter of fact, with Windows 11 the company is making it even harder to switch default browsers. This addition in Windows 11 forces Mozilla to do something. As a result, from the time Microsoft has announced Windows 11, Mozilla began implementing changes in Firefox. We will have to wait to see how Microsoft will respond.

Besides Mozilla, none of the major browsers have tried implementing the changes.

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