Plex’s New Discover Feature Can Help You View Content From Different Streaming Services

Plex discover feature

Plex in its latest beta features has tried solving most of the modern problems. Specifically, the company will now allow users to go through HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, and three other services. The company has announced a new Discover feature. The new feature aggregates and recommends content from various streaming platforms and displays them as a universal watch list. Now, you can watch anything from the aforesaid services in one place.

If we go into details about the Discover feature; the screen is just like any other streaming service’s homepage. It will recommend you content from various streaming services as discussed earlier. However, it is worth mentioning that the option will not show you content that you don’t have access to. You will find a setting that will limit the content to only services that you have. Plex is trying to pull this off for several years now; the company was trying to legitimize a one-stop-shop for streaming and ad-supported free TV model. Now, the company finally has it.

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What’s more, the company has also added the “watch from these locations” feature. This feature will come to your rescue if you know what you want to watch but are not sure where to find it. In the details section about the movie or TV series, the service will also display the streaming service that offers the content. Additionally, users on some versions of the app can even move to a specific streaming service from the page.

Furthermore, Plex has included a lot of streaming services under its new feature. It includes all the big names, including Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Peacock.

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